Bioprint technology for teeth and bone grafts

Nanodent develops one-piece complete dental prsostheses using stem cells and 3D printing through the bioprinting technique.


Implantology Has a New Ally: Bioengineering

Today, dental implantology is a modern and advanced dental technique that allows patients to have fixed and long-lasting teeth. The procedure involves removing the diseased tooth and grafting a titanium root into the bone, onto which the dental prosthesis will be fixed. The entire procedure has a success rate of 97% and requires a maximum of two days1.

However, serious problems arise before the intervention. If the bone that should support the root is too deteriorated, the graft cannot be performed unless a painful and invasive bone graft from other parts of the face, skull, or hip is used.

This condition, which also leads to the loss of the original tooth, can be caused by various factors such as periodontitis, osteoporosis, or simply aging.

3D Bioprinting Applied to Dental Prosthetics

Nanodent is a company specialized in tissue bioengineering that, thanks to its innovative 3D bioprinting technique, creates complete monobloc dental prosthetics – composed of both crown and root – capable of replacing dental implants and bone grafts. This resolves defects in the jawbone and mandible tissue.

Furthermore, using the same approach, the startup plans to produce prosthetics for veterinary use, as well as mini-organs and tissues for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

Distinctive features

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🩺 Healthcare
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Margherita De Angelis

Margherita De Angelis

Head of R&D and production
Pietro Daidone

Pietro Daidone

CDA chairman and accountant


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