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The II edition of the Urban Center call for national and international startups and spin-offs is open.

Discover the startups settled in Urban Center

Bioingredients Research researches, develops, manufactures and markets high-tech plant extracts for use in the cosmetic and nutraceutical-food sectors.

Carchain is working to implement the blockchain technology to vechiles’ data record through non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Feature Jam designs and develops wearable software and hardware for diseas monitoring (e.g. stroke, Parkinson’s, etc.).

Gip84 is a startup operating in the legal, corporate and management fields working with innovative startups and SMEs.

Haura is a device created to provide everyone with the ability to cook and eat healthy food from simple ingredients and even without any cooking experience.

MyTwin Care develops AI and knowledge-based digital technologies for healthcare data access and management.

Nanodent develops one-piece complete dental prsostheses using stem cells and 3D printing through the bioprinting technique.

NanoPhoenix designs and develops micro and nanoproduction-based solution for Life Sciences applications.

Optimens develops methods to monitor and preserve cognitive status with the aim of promoting a better quality of life.

Sbrex provides software as a service solution to support individuals with specific learning disorders in education and healthcare.

Skyproxima develops solutions for the aerospace industry providing robotic integration and long-lasting operational capabilities.

VisionQub.it develops robotic-based products for several fields including medical, smart vision and business model innovation.

WonderGene is a company founded with the aim of making genetic analysis-usually done in fully equipped laboratories-portable and accessible to the non-expert.

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