The team of the Urban Center

A multidisciplinary group dedicated to innovation

The Management

The Urban Center of Trieste and its activities for citizens, for startups, and for DigitalHighTech and BioHighTech innovation players are managed by a consortium composed of:

In line with the vision of the Municipality of Trieste, the management activities position the Urban Center as an international Hub committed to foster innovation and entrepreneurship in the BioHighTech sector. This is possible mainly relying on the synergistic capacity of its members to support the creation, development, and enhancement of the research and finance ecosystem that supports startups and innovative enterprises. On top of this approach there is a particular attention to the creation of pragmatic synergies with neighbouring territories and countries of the Central Eastern area.

Bio4Dreams S.p.A. is the first Italian entirely privately funded incubator certified by MISE (Ministry of Economic – October 2019), fully dedicated to very early-stage startups in Life Sciences

Established at the end of 2017, since 2018 supports researchers to exploit the results of their research, creating tailor-made, sustainable, and long-lasting business paths with an international scope.

The incubator stands out for its ability to integrate in specific national and international territories within the Life Sciences innovation chain, supporting the development of new ideas and startups and contributing to the creation of a fertile ecosystem that nurtures and promotes innovation from its very early stages.

The Role in the Management

As the consortium coordinator, Bio4Dreams coordinates the whole project in all its parts, which include FabLab, functional contamination , and startups activities. The latter can find in the Urban Center support for ideas and contents as well as those resources necessary to develop and create value on the local area.

Bio4Dreams’ activities focus particularly on scouting and selection of business ideas arising from public and/or private research and eventually to the investment, incubation, and acceleration of innovative startups in the biotech, medtech, diagnostic, and digital health sectors. Additionally, Bio4Dreams will manage the activities related to general and logistic services, the security plan, and the implementation of Covid-19 protocols.

Biovalley Group S.p.A. acts as a Family and Friends Office, promoting and managing investments and activities of innovative companies that operate in the BioHighTech industrial sectors (BioMed, BioTech, BioICT) of Friuli-Venezia Giulia Region and/or in the neighbouring regions of the Alpe Adria area. The final aim is to speed-up the development of the territorial innovation ecosystem as well as the value of HighTech companies in the Healthcare sector.

To this end, since February 2016, Biovalley Group also promoted and managed as leader the business network BioHighTech Net 4.0.

The Role in the Management

Biovalley Group is actively involved in all the areas of the Urban Center.

For what concerns the center management, it is responsible for the functional contamination activities and coordinates both the creation of local, national, and international networks and the interaction with the world of finance. Regarding the  activities for startups, Biovalley Group is in charge of managing all the administrative procedures. Finally, for what concerns the logistic and ICT services, it manages general affairs, operations, administrative management, and the whole IT infrastructure.

Polo Tecnologico Alto Adriatico,

is considered as a regional excellence in the fields of innovation and digital transformation with more than 20 years of presence on the territory. Specifically, it is a science and technological park with the mission to foster the growth, and the sustainable development of companies dedicated to innovation and research.

As further evidence of its commitment and vocation to promote startup innovation, in 2012 Polo Tecnologico Alto Adriatico was honoured with the title of Certified Startup Incubator by the Ministry of Economic Development. Polo launched this activity focusing on high-tech sectors such as biotech, digital manufacturing, and ICT, also gathering experience and successes in many other areas (creative, cultural, tourism).

The Role in the Management

Polo Tecnologico Alto Adriatico (PTAA) is responsible for the management of the Fab-Lab (groud floor) and, in particular, it handles technology management as well as activities’ organization.

Furthermore, as for the management activities for startups (coordinated by Bio4Dreams), PTAA is responsible for the creation and development of new entrepreneurial projects.

The RnBGate group is an innovative startup established in November 2019 with the aim of becoming a technological bridge to connect research and technological innovation to the world of business and industry.

In order to achieve this goal, RnBGate exploits an innovative technical-scientific approach that allows to identify critical issues and define tailor-made solutions based on the selection of competences and on the integration of assets such as research laboratories, universities, and Italian and international startups.

Another key focus is supporting the growth of talent and promoting youth entrepreneurship: the group offers managerial mentorship and networking activities as well as go-to-market support for high-potential innovative startups.

The Role in the Management

RnBGate developed the three ICT applications required by the tender using emerging techniques such as Artificial Intelligence and High Performance Computing:

  • The Urban Center website, to provide information about activities, spaces, and services;
  • The digital and virtual collaboration platform, specifically designed for the companies and startups settled at the Urban Center;
  • The multimedia showcase of the settled startups, to promote their activities and services for the community.

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